Kevin at RealtorInvest 2014
Erik at RealtorInvest 2014

Brothers Kevin and Erik have been full time Professional Real Estate Investors since 2007.

They have completed over 50 real estate transactions (all in Canada) and have spent over 25,000 hours growing and perfecting the systemised way in which they invest. Starting their real estate investment journey with a modest sum of 60K to invest, the brothers had to ensure every dollar they invested worked as hard as possible and made the biggest returns. From this experience, they have spent the last 7+ years mastering the art of maximizing the returns on their real estate investments. (

After years of developing a step-by-step real estate investment system (, online realtor training (, and multiple keynote speaking engagements, Kevin and Erik are here to teach YOU their proven strategies on how to purchase cashflowing investment properties anywhere in Canada AND how to expand your business by working with real estate investors in the most effective and efficient way possible!


Kevin and Erik have assisted HUNDREDS of Canadians in paving their own path to financial freedom. Through their two companies Direct Real Estate Investors (DREI) and Strategic Real Estate Investing (SREI), they work with and teach individuals (mainly real estate agents) to invest in real estate; both passively (through DREI) and actively (SREI) in the safest, most secure way possible.

They have created a proven and repeatable investment system that YOU can plug into and learn how to find, negotiate, and purchase cash-flowing properties anywhere in Canada. This system provides you with the ability to maximize the returns on each and every one of your real estate investments and make 15%+ on every property you purchase. From this tried and true system… “Real Estate Investing Training” was born.

IatGuyIn 2011 Kevin and Erik created a new educational business- Investor Agent Training (IAT) focusing on training realtors how to work with real estate investors in the most effective way possible.

After years of full time investing (and countless hours researching and strategising on where to invest) Kevin and Erik realized an alarming trend… there was a huge shortage of Investor Agents! (Agents that possessed the necessary training and experience needed to work with real estate investors.)

As they went from city to city looking at investment properties, they had a difficult time finding real estate agents that possessed the necessary training and experience to work with investors…and the Investor Agents they did connect with were usually so busy with existing clients that they didn’t have time to provide the brothers with good representation.SREI

So they decided to dig deeper into this problem and spoke with thousands of Canadian realtors to find out why most agents were not buying and selling investment properties with their clients. And what they found was that the vast majority of realtors were having a hard time attracting real estate investors to work with. And even worse, the realtors that were working with investors were reporting a lot of bad experiences. Mainly, the agents were unable to convert their investor leads into sales and felt the time they spent working with them was a complete waste.

So Kevin and Erik decided to create Investor Agent Training to provide realtors with the training necessary to find good quality real estate investors to work with and, more importantly, how to convert these leads into sales…and this is how “Investor Agent Training” was born.