Patricia understands the complexities of business, life challenges and problems. With wisdom and experience she offers timely conversations with delicate and powerful mastery. We all desire to save time, become more effective, make better choices and feel our accomplishments will make a difference now and in the future. As the creator of the KARMIC REVOLUTION, Patricia concentrates on ways to gain expedient wisdom by taking inventory of your actions and develop a heightened sense of awareness. Tapping into your intuition and learning to become mindful in life will create positive outcomes.

Patricia shares the value of self-discipline and how to find clarity by understanding the importance of evoking attention in a specific way without judgment thereby resulting in greater wisdom and contentment. Business and personal decisions are often made with the sole intent to gain benefit for oneself. Too often there are obvious “red flags” and we ignore them. Learning the valuable techniques shared in these authentic conversations will bring much more happiness and opportunity for success. Recognizing the conditions surrounding our actions will allow us to view our choices with transparency and revelations.

Patricia invites us to Master the Five Radical Degrees of life, which she shares with humour, insights, love and compassion.

In her book KARMA AND CASH, Patricia entertains a conversation with the Wisdom Auditor and reveals lessons of how our fate is based on our actions otherwise known as Karma. She shares the basics of mind, body and speech and how to “catch ourselves” to ensure we will create goodwill and take responsibility for the outcomes. The stories shared are generous in their knowledge and will grasp your attention quickly.